‘’ It just talked back to me! It said no! It has a weapon! I think its going to kill me!’’

Those were the last words of a woman, caught on tape for the galaxy to here before she was murdered by her Y- 100 personal assistant. They were played over and over on news stations and were burned into the memory of the galaxy.

The Uprisings were two brutal attacks on highly populated planets by the synthetics that were in use there.

Not much is known about the attacks, within hours the droids has taken complete control of the Planet and the Earth Navy firebombed the planets from orbit to prevent the attacks from spreading. This event shook the Galaxy, any sort of AI research was made highly illegal and any form of AI was destroyed.

The cause was never found but it is suspect that one of the AI became self-aware and hacked the systems of the planet to try and gain some sort of ’’revenge’’.


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