The story so far

This is the story so far, it can help to get you up to speed if you forgot the events of the last session or if you missed a session. This is just a quick overview so not every event will be placed on this outline. Also only common knowledge will be on this overview, if anyone did and back-hand dealings it will not be in this overview.

It is the year 2716 and travel around the Milky Way is done using The Superhighway .

Our four hero’s are all drawn to the promise of riches and fame that the Earth Navy is giving to anyone that joins the venture.

The venture turns out to be traveling through a gate to a system that has gone dark a few days earlier. The crew loads onto a ship that has seen better days and heads out for the gate. After some ship trouble puts them behind the main group they make the jump. The mission quickly turns sour, as soon as they exit the highway they see their force getting massacred by two human dreadnoughts. The crew deactivates the ships power so they are not found and shot and starts drifting towards the planet. They crash land on the planet jump out of the ship and move to a nearby town to investigate.

The town is destroyed and almost empty, the only things left are some crazy humans and some hostile Synthetic forces. The crew fought their way past the Synthetics and with the heroic sacrifice of the pilot they made it off the planet. However their troubles were not over, as when they made it off they saw the forces that were on the dreadnoughts were harvesting the people from the first ships and were refitting the ships they disabled in the battle to work for them. They also spotted a massive ship, the likes of witch had never been seen before that was modifying the gate in some strange way. After drifting waiting for the gate to be put back together they zipped back threw it and traveled to the navy to report in.

Their one ship was the only survivors of the expedition and the disgraced admiral did not want to pay them full price for what he considered a mission failure. The crew made out with less then half the money they were promised.

Dissatisfied with the work for the navy, but still seeing the potential they had when working together the crew traveled to the Te’loke system and took on a job for the Higharch Command.

The mission quickly went sour, the team infiltrated the enemy command, but fell into a trap that dropped the moon from orbit onto a city below.

The crew was put on trial by the higharch command and one member was found guilty and sentenced to exile.

Upon leaving the space station the Crew saw the Strange Ship from before coming to attach the Higharch command. It took out the station in two shots and moved on to the other planets in the system. The Crew boarded the Strange Ship undetected to investigate. After docking the bay closed and the ship was trapped inside. The Crew moved out to try and find a way to open the bay and escape. Along the way they fought crazed Higharch and humans. They also saw Higharch and humans being processed by some sort of device. After progressing through the ship the Crew found some Sentient Being That was able to take control of people via their implants. They narrowly escaped and made the jump through the the gate back to the Core Words

However their greeting was less then welcome, upon arrival they were imprisoned and interrogated about their involvement with both of the Gate Incidents . After the interrogations showed the Crew were not the cause of the incidents the EDC offered to sign them all on as level 8 agents. Their first mission was to infiltrate a VCP science base.

Soon afterward the crew was sent on what should have been a boring patrol mission. After flying around the ship was boarded and attacked by a group of mercenaries looking to retrieve Bruce Stark, The crew dispatched them however their captain showed some kind of special ability to slow down/stop time.

The story so far

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